Ladies German Shepherds

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Watercolor German Shepherd Square 18" x 18" Pil...

$ 12.74 $ 14.99

This German Shepherd looks like one of Thanos' minions after Tony Stark snapped his fingers, but luckily it's just an artistic way of painting the doggy with a watercolor technique, and he'll be ju...

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Watercolor German Shepherd Face Square 18" x 18...

$ 12.74 $ 14.99

German Shepherds are widely considered to be the third smartest dog breed, behind only Border Collies and Poodles, but they are the second most comfortable pillow cover, trailing only the uber fluf...

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Ladies German Shepherd Mama Tee

$ 20.39

  German Shepherds are the second most popular dog breed in the US, but they're the most popular breed on this t-shirt. Perfect shirt for any german shepherd rescue mother, or any german shepherd l...

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German Shepherd Dog Pendant Keyring

$ 13.59 $ 15.99

  Beautiful German Shepherd Key Chain. Dependable just like the doggies.

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German Shepherd Earrings

$ 11.89 $ 13.99

German Shepherd earrings. Size: Approximately 1.06"T x 1.57"W

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Ladies German Shepherd Heartbeat Tee

$ 21.24

Ladies German Shepherd Heartbeat t-shirt. Two different designs and different print colors available. Super soft cotton t-shirt to show your shepherd love.

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