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Who Are We?

Welcome to Animal Teeze!

Our goal was to create a one-stop shop for t-shirts with animal prints. We've carefully curated a collection of creative and artistic designs and we're adding new animals and designs all the time. If we're missing an animal you'd like to see in our store, drop us a line and let us know!

Is there anything more aggravating than going to one site for your super cute hedgehog shirt, and then having to head over to a completely different website to get your elephant conservation tee? We know there's not, and we're here to help!

Shipping | Delivery

All our items are printed and ship from the U.S., and we offer free shipping across the whole universe. If ground shipping just won't do, send us a message.

Return Policy

Animal Teeze has a 30 Day Full Guarantee. You can just return your garment within 30 days of receiving it for an exchange or refund. Any other issues, just let us know and we'll hop from log to log across a busy highway to make you happy. We're talking about t-shirts here, not cars, we should be able to figure it out. Purchase with compete confidence!


Executive Team



Nothing beats a cup of blueberry ice-cream, except perhaps sniffing another cat's butt! 🤷


Chief Security Officer

I enjoy jumping in baskets and I'll hiss at you if you come near 🐍


Human Resources

Hurry up and get in those PTO requests, I'll be off until Spring! 🦄


Deputy General Counsel

Favorite pick-up line? You bring the peanut butter, cause I'm bringing the jelly... 🐙



After spending over a decade writing and performing stand-up comedy, Jesse Gersten made the transition to landscape and wildlife photography.

A love of all animals mixed with a creative approach to pretty much everything, along with a history in the t-shirt industry made an animal related shirt site pretty much inevitable. To check out Jesse's photography, head on over to JesseGersten.com